Wii U hardware ‘does not work’ says insider

Nintendo are in ‘development hell’ with their upcoming Wii U hardware according to an insider as devices supplied to developers ‘still don’t work properly’

The informant – who released the information to Nintendo leak site 01.net – listed a number of issues developers are facing with the hardware, claiming the product has been ‘rushed through the door’.

“According to our source, it seems that the final architecture has been rushed through the door, with undesirable consequences,” says 01net.

The main chipset of the Wii U controller – which handles all key features and functions of the innovative device, including its streaming and wireless capabilities – has been described as ‘cheap’ and ‘inadequate’, leading to speculation surrounding the quality of the technology.

As a result, developers are having to work with a wired version of the controller, which even then ‘still does not work properly’.

“Many developers are feeling lost, their progress impeded by a distinct lack of visibility, their working hours by the quasi-paced daily software updates,’ the report continued.

‘In those conditions, many feel unable to properly exploit the system’s most innovative and promising features, those very features they have not been able to test properly so far.”

Sources at 01net believe the console will likely be released in June next year, however, developers have expressed their concerns towards the scheduled release date, fearing they will struggle to have the device’s architecture functioning in time.

Other speculation has indicated the possibility of delaying the release until September.

Following yesterday’s leak of Nintendo’s plans to release a second circle pad for the 3DS, 01net are certainly making a name for themselves as a thorn in the company’s side.

With the poor reception that has met the 3DS as far, matched with reports of the Wii U having quality and functionality issues, should Nintendo consumers be worried?

[Source: 01.net]

Greg Lockley


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