David Hasselhoff plays Burnout Crash in a cheerleader outfit?

Has anyone seen the Neuralyzer? J? K? Anyone?

Unnecessary MiB references aside, I feel like I should be offering some kind of health hazard or warning.

Many could be forgiven for getting excited about seeing the words Hasselhoff, Burnout Crash and cheerleader in one sentence, myself included.

However, those inclined to do so can expect to be greeted by a disturbing, ‘burns-itself-into-the-back of-your-brain’ type image.

In an advertising campaign of which I’m still yet to grasp its appeal, Criterion have released a new video for Burnout Crash.

The ad itself, begins normal enough.

Enter The Hoff.

A power rangers-esque transformation and a number of uncomfortable dead eyed stares later and you’re left feeling violated and slightly queazy.

Criterion seem to have hit the mark with their latest promo, it’s certainly stuck in my mind.

Whether I’ll be able to play the game without resorting to rocking back-and-forth in the corner of the room remains to be seen.

It’s at this point I’m reconsidering this post as, my aim is to encourage readers to follow this blog, not scar them for life and have them never return.

Anyway, here it is. Please, clean up after yourselves.

(Insert Hasselhoff style wink here)

Greg Lockley


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