Pow! Right in the wallet

I’m going to forgo the typical “so hey, it’s been a while” style post here and jump right back into this.

All you need to know?

I’m a real Journalist now, professional-like and earning my keep. I’ve moved to London(ish) with my own flat and, most importantly, my life is now entirely paid for by the words I write. It’s a satisfying feeling to say the least.

But, I digress.

The one thing on every gamer’s mind right now, is Steam. If you just found yourself asking why, you’re likely in the wrong place and may find what follows beneath to be just a tad uninteresting and confusing.

For those of you still here, you’re probably as excited as I am right now. It is of course, the Steam summer sale.

A Christmas 2.0 of sorts for gamers, an abundance of gaming delights are dangled in front of us at heavily discounted prices. It is both cruel and highly rewarding.

At the time of writing this, I imagine I am in a very similar position to those of you reading – pockets lighter, HDD’s fuller and weekend plans cancelled as you sit there, smugly glancing over your new bevy of gaming treasures.

I personally feel like I achieved something by holding out until the second day of the sale. Of course, I eventually caved and more than made up for my initial resistance, ending my spree with no less than 12 games in my shopping cart.

The worst part, is the fact that out of these titles, I already own at least 6 of them… but, in my defence, this was the GTA Complete Collection and with today’s completion of the iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV, along with the inclusion of the game’s DLC that I never managed to play through originally, it was a no brainer – especially for just £4.99.

There are precautions to take before diving into the sale, I just didn’t listen to any of them. Like a deer in the headlights, I opened Steam and immediately, I was doomed… you can learn from my downfall with the usual sensible tips – set a budget, don’t buy non-sale items, etc.

Ultimately though, now is the time to buy those games you’ve had on your radar for a while but you’ve formulated numerous excuses not to play them – we’ve all got them.

EXCLAIMER: It’s not my fault if you spend all of your money on games and are then forced to live on the street and forage for supplies, empty soda cans and beans – DayZ style.


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One response to “Pow! Right in the wallet”

  1. hippiejewbarber says :

    I am always amazed at how I go from having no money to less-than no money when one of these sales happens. I guess I’ll drown my sorrows in new games.

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